Friday, June 20, 2014

Top administrators honored for 2013-14 school year

Administrators at schools and programs around the district have been honored by the Administrators Association of San Diego, the organization that represents many of San Diego Unified's managers, including principals.
Barbara Baron Sylvia Kravitz
Lesley Pearson Maria Moore-Flagg
Ana Morales Bob Raines
Cheryl Hibbln

Honored for the 2013-14 school year are: Barbara Baron, Program Manager, Instructional Resources and Materials Department; Cheryl Hibbeln, Principal, Kearny High Complex School of Digital Media and Design, and Construction Tech Academy; Sylvia Kravitz, Food Services Regional Food Services; Maria Moore-Flagg, Supervising Administrative Assistant, Auxiliary Services; Ana Morales, Manager, Translation and Community Services; Dr. Lesley Pearson. Early Childhood Education Program Administrator; Bob Raines, AASD Retiree Network.

For many years, the association has honored distinguished leaders for their service, Association President Donis Coronel said.

"This year, the Member Relations Committee redesigned the program and expanded the criteria to include eight areas of selection criteria," said Coronel.

The criteria are: how the nominee's work skills contribute to the organization and operation of the district; the nominee's interaction with coworkers and staff; the nominees leadership qualities; the nominees community involvement; the level in which the nominee volunteers and participates in work site activities; an activity of major involvement that affects the life of others; the level in which the nominee supports the educational process of adults and/or youth and the nominees commitment and involvement with AASD.

For more information, visit the association's website.

As Program Manager for Instructional Resources and Development, Baron is San Diego Unfied's top librarian, working with partners in the San Diego Public Library to create a better off-school environment for students to explore the world and complete homework. She's also worked with private sector partners such as Target and Heart of America to bring the organizations' "Library Makeovers" to many campuses.

Cheryl Hibbeln, outgoing principal of two of the small schools at the Kearny High complex, was honored for her visionary leadership and mentoring of principals, assets that she will continue using in her new high school coordinating position in the main district office. Her work at Kearny has helped the community to strengthen their high school standing ultimately drastically improving student achievement. Pioneering efforts in the area of Linked Learning at Kearny High School of Digital Media and Design have brought honors to the school from the state and federal governments.

At the Food Services Department, Regional Manager Sylvia Kravitz works to promote teamwork among her 24 Area Managers and staff, ensuring they provide the best tasting and most nutritious food to students, as well as providing outstanding customer service to our kids. She's also been dedicated to the professional development of her team, helping many to receive certifications from the School Nutrition Association. Outside of the workplace, Sylvia is active in her synagogue where she participates in activities including the winter inter-faith shelter for homeless individuals and families.

In her position in the Auxiliary Services Department, Maria Flagg Moore supervises the clerical staff in the Physical Plant Operations facility. She's helped many of her coworkers receive Microsoft Windows training along with other skills to help them improve their job performance and contributions to educating the next generation of San Diegans. Maria is active in the annual Holiday Hope Food Basket and Food Drive which benefits children and families at various San Diego Unified schools. She has also volunteered for women’s rights organizations that assist young girls and women.

Ana Morales leads the team of translators and interpreters in the district's busy Translation Services Department. At any time, translators and interpreters may be at locations all through the district, doing everything from helping students understand why they are being disciplined or having trouble with school, interpreting parent meetings, IEPs and public meetings such as the Board of Education. In addition to leading a high-performing team, Ana must ensure that all legally required translation and interpretation is performed in a district of vast size. Ana takes her involvement with local groups home with her as well, volunteering with organizations such as Ties for Teens, Mid City Community Advocacy Network and the Tariq Kamisa Foundation.

As Early Childhood Education Program Administrator, Leslie Barnes leads a team that works with the youngest San Diegans to give them a great start on their road to college and career. Students, families, and staff are treated with care, respect and compassion. Professional, yet firm, willing to listen, all the while keeping the best interest of the children and families at the forefront of each interaction -- that is Lesley’s way. She's also active in the community with Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, Children's Hospital La Playa unit, the MADCAPS mother/daughter club, Westminister Presbyterian Church, Vanguard Theatre ans Sheakespeare Society.

Bob Raines was also honored for his work with AASD retirees. A 2007 retiree where his last position was Director of Assessment Services, he continues serving the district by staying involved with AASD and ensuring some of the district's most experienced and dedicated supporters -- its retirees -- continue to help San Diego's kids. He serves on numerous AASD committees, including those involved in healthcare for both retirees and current workers and member relations. Outside of AASD, Bob has been a member of Phi Delta Kappa since 1976, has served on the Greater San Diego Mathematics Council and was a member of the Voluntary Employee Benefits Association (VEBA) for two years.