Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Juarez Elementary Opens New Parent Room

Juarez Elementary School in the Mission Village neighborhood has become latest school in the district to open a Parent Room.

With many new parent volunteers and the district's goal to create Neighborhood Learning Centers, the new Parent Room is a place for parents, guardians and volunteers to call their own. With many new parent/guardian volunteers at the school this year, the room has a TV and DVDs to entertain toddlers and non-school-age children; a microwave and coffee pot, desktop computer and printer; plus tools to prepare materials for teachers.

"Parents are encouraged to volunteer in classrooms during core subjects," said Principal Marceline Marques. "They provide small group, adult-lead reinforcement of learning."
Across the district, there are thousands of volunteers helping educate the next generation of San Diegans.

"We certainly appreciate the presence and support of all parent volunteers," she said.

Contact Marques if you have any questions about Juarez or wish to volunteer. She's at