Sunday, November 11, 2012

Madison High Students Help Preserve Balboa Park

Students from Madison High help clean up Balboa Park. Students from Madison High School’s AVID, Key Club, and the Latino Hispanic Society have spent a day in Balboa Park learning about the benefits of urban forests and cleaning up our communities as part of the Australian Garden clean-up in Gold Gulch.

The park's urban forester discussed the importance of maintaining and cleaning the park, while a park ranger talked about the habitat of the animals and insects that make up the park's ecosystem.

The 50 students involved spent the day weeding, raking, clearing trash and spreading mulch to begin the initial preparation for the garden's beautification. The event was hosted by the Friends of Balboa Park through a grant by California ReLeaf, CalFire and the EPA as part of the preparations being made for the park's 100th anniversary celebration in 2015.

For more information, contact Greg Williams at Madison High School at (858) 496-8410.