Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Schools, Departments Celebrate Parents on National Parent Involvement Day

Sixth-graders at Marston Middle listen to parents
share their college and career experiences.
You may have recently noticed an influx of parents on school campuses, in classrooms and walking through the quad, side-by-side with their students. Were the students in trouble, you wondered? Were students aging more quickly than ever? Luckily, neither was the case. They were all participating in National Parent Involvement Day.

National Parent Involvement Day on Nov. 15 was a collaborative effort between the district’s Parent Outreach and Engagement Department and the San Diego Unified Council of PTAs to recognize parents/guardians and the invaluable role they play in supporting a child's learning at home and at school. Schools and departments across the district celebrated with events large and small.

Sixth graders at Marston Middle School in Clairemont listened to a nurse, piano teacher and restaurant owner, all of whom studied at San Diego State, as they shared how their college experiences impacted their career choices. Each guest had a varying career path, which helped students understand there can be many paths to success.

Students peppered the guests with questions like “Is your job hard” and “What is the best day you’ve had at work”?

The nurse told a story about helping to revive a man by holding his heart in her bare hands. She said that being able to talk the man the next day after he was so close to dying was amazing and one of her best days at work.

Approximately 20 total speakers visited Marston throughout the day to share their experiences.

At Tierrasanta's Serra High, parents joined their students in class as part of “Come To School With Your Student Day.” By shadowing their students during the day, parents got a better understanding of what their child experiences each day at school.

Field Elementary hosted a volunteer breakfast in which more than 20 parents enjoyed a variety of bagels, fruit and pastries that were provided by the staff. Students made colorful posters to thank the many mothers and fathers who share their time at their children’s school.
A Fay Elementary parent spins the lucky
wheel at the school's thank you breakfast.

Fay Elementary said thank you to its parents/guardians from their involvement by hosting a special “Fay Café” in which coffee, cake and Mexican sweet bread were served to nearly 100 parents.

Parents also got to try their luck on the spinning prize wheel, cheered on by teachers, support staff and students. Many parents came away with gift cards, free picture packages, and even turkeys, thanks to several donations from local stores.

Several other schools across the district also hosted events in honor of National Parent Involvement Day.
  • Ibarra Elementary held a Community Resource Fair.
  • University City High School hosted an Open House for parents.
  • Lincoln High School held a “Principal Chat.”
  • Standley Middle School handed out kisses…the chocolate kind to parents and guardians.
  • Miller Elementary hosted a Juvenile Diabetes Walk
  • Ballard Parent Center hosted a Community Resource Fair and parent workshops.

This was the district’s first year celebrating National Parent Involvement Day, and will likely continue to be a yearly celebration. The national event was started 18 years ago by Project Appleseed.
For more information on National Parent Involvement Day, contact Melissa Whipple at mwhipple@sandi.net or your school's PTA representative.