Friday, November 2, 2012

SCPA teacher receives national recognition, named ‘Outstanding Dance Instructor'

So you think you can dance? Students at the School of Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA) know they can thanks to their award winning teacher, Aida Anderson.

Anderson, who has been a dance teacher at SCPA since 1992, was recently selected as an outstanding dance instructor by American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, National Dance Association and Ubisoft, makers of the highly successful “Just Dance” game series. For her continual efforts to promote dance, Anderson earned four back stage tickets to the October 23 “So You Think You Can Dance Tour 2012” at the Civic Center Theater. Based upon commitment, progress, work ethic, and dedication, Anderson chose to take three lucky SCPA students -- Jessica Kelly, Phillip Brown, and Nickolas Gilbertson.

Her passion for dance has not wavered, even after 20 years of teaching. She believes in the importance of including performing arts education in students’ curriculum.

“Dance, as a performing art, requires students to project a self confidence and awareness that transcends all education, regardless of the field you go into,” Anderson said. “Second, the discipline that it takes to succeed can be applied to everything. The commitment and confidence gained from studying the arts is a valuable asset for any student.”

Working with SCPA’s artistic director Richard Trujillo and Principal Mitzi Lizàrraga, Anderson has helped SCPA’s dance program become nationally recognized. Last year, SCPA students performed the closing number at both gala performances for the National High School Dance Conference.

Anderson currently teaches modern dance and Choreography/Technique, and directs the Senior Dance Exhibition, working closely with dance majors as they plan their senior exhibition choreography. She continues to stay current as a dancer/teacher and choreographer, attending multiple workshops each summer including Limon West Coast, the Juilliard Summer Teachers Training, and Peridance NYC.