Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Clairemont High Students Inpsired by Ex-NFL Player

Former NFL linebacker Chris Washington inspired sophomores at Clairemont High’s Academy of Business and Technology during the one of 15 motivational lectures scheduled this school year.

Washington, who played with Tampa Bay and Arizona, shared his challenges growing up and the obstacles he overcame to compete in the NFL. He inspired the students with his motivational speaking.

“Never give up," he told the students. "Never let anyone else tell you what you cannot do. Make a decision to pursue your passion and then go out and get it.”

The fifteen-topic lecture series motivates tenth graders to fulfill their potential. It's based on the late UCLA basketball coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, where each topic touches on another “brick” or success skill. Talks focus on topics such as cooperation, enthusiasm, self-control, initiative, team-spirit, poise, and more.

The Academy of Business and Technology is a “school within a school” at Clairemont High that focuses on business, computer, and communication skills. The three-year program provides college-prep core classes and business career-technical electives in grades 10-12. It provides students with a supportive, rigorous community where they can take ownership of their education and future; students acquire the technological, financial, and communicative skills necessary to succeed in a college and career environment. The academy is funded by a California Partnership Academy grant from the Department of Education.

For more information, contact the College Career and Technical Education Program at (858) 503-1758.