Monday, December 10, 2012

Juarez Elementary Weather Lesson Comes Direct from Navy

Navy visits Juarez Leading Chief Petty Officer David Hutchinson brought several of his Navy colleagues at North Island's Fleet Weather Center to give first graders at Juarez Elementary an extra special lesson in the weather.

Hutchinson talked about the equipment and procedures used to measuring air temperature, water temperature, wind velocity, pressure and humidity. All these measurements aid the captain and crew on Navy ships and carriers. The information is critical to many areas of the Navy, helping pilots plan missions, a ship's daily operations, and avoiding inclement weather while at sea. Students learned about devices such as weather balloons, anemometer, barometer, rocketsonde, bathythermograph, sling psychrometer, and the Kestrel 4000 handheld wind meter.

Weather is part of the first-grade curriculum in California. In addition to learning about measurements, students also find out about how the weather can affect their daily lives and the surrounding environment.

Juarez Elementary is also the host site for ESPN’s Weatherbug, a satellite device that provides weather data for nationally televised sports events that take place at Qualcomm Stadium, which is located right down the street from the school.

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