Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kimbrough Elementary Penny Drive Adds Up To Big Cash

Kimbrough Elementary's student body leaders have put together quite a collection on behalf of one of the school's partners, the Rachel Women's Center in downtown San Diego.

There were 14,922 pennies, 159quarters, 394 dimes, 337 nickels, 5 plastic pennies, 2 Chinese coins, 7Canadian coins, 8 Mexican pesos, $81 cash and a tooth. It adds up to$302.22. Each year, the shelter gives its residents a new pair of shoes as a holiday gift; the Kimbrough students' donation will provide socks to go along with the shoes.

"The students learned about the spirit of charity and the gift of giving to others who have less than they have," said Cheryl Hoff, a Grade 5 teacher. "Our school ASB took on the task and ran a Penny Drive from Dec 3-7. They devoted every recess to collecting pennies and coins from Kimbrough students."

The penny drive followed up on the placemats made by Kimbrough students for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Kimbrough's librarian, Kathleen Sanders, is a volunteer at the center.

"The women at the center loved the students' artwork and were so inspired by their kind words on the placemats," said Sanders.

For more information on the program, contact Principal Flavia Soria at (619) 525-2010.