Friday, December 14, 2012

Winter Break Begins Monday for Year-Round Schools, Dec. 24 for Traditional Schools

Year-round schools in the San Diego Unified School District begin their four-week winter break this Monday, Dec. 17, while traditional-schedule schools and district offices are closed for their two-week break beginning Monday, Dec. 24.

Year-round schools have longer winter and spring breaks, as the school year extends to July 19. Traditional schedule schools end their year on June 11. Both schedules have the same number of days of instruction.

Schools on the year-round schedule are: Audubon, Baker, Balboa, Bethune, Birney, Boone, Burbank, Carson, Carver, Central, Chavez, Cherokee Point, Clark, Dewey, Edison, Emerson/Bandini, Ericson, Euclid, Farb, Fay, Garfield Elementary, Golden Hill, Hamilton, Hancock, Hardy, Horton, Ibarra, Jerabek, Johnson, Jones, Joyner, Kimbrough, Knox, Language Academy, Linda Vista, Logan, Marshall Elementary, Mason, Miller, Montgomery, Normal Heights, Paradise Hills, Penn, Perkins, Perry, Porter, Rosa Parks, Sequoia, Tierrasanta, Valencia Park, Walker, Webster, Wilson, Zamorano.

For more information on the district's calendar, go to the calendar page.