Friday, December 7, 2012

District Employees Donate $6,000 to Children and Youth in Transition Program

Marty Stultz, Rebecca Benner,
Diane Harrelson, and Susan Levine.
San Diego Unified’s Community Service Association (CSA) recently donated $6,000 to the Children and Youth in Transition Program to assist the homeless students in the district this holiday season.
CSA selected the Children and Youth in Transition program when it learned that the student homeless population has risen over the last several years.
“Since the number of homeless students assisted by the department has been steadily increasing, these funds can provide additional benefits to those students at this time of year,” said CSA Chairperson Deborah Williams.
Through the Children and Youth in Transition program, the district works to ensure that each student has the tools and resources to be in school, stay in school, and succeed in school. The goal is to provide a stable, safe and loving school environment where every student, during the school day, has the opportunity to “just be a kid.”
“In order for students to succeed in school, they need have adequate clothing, nutritious food, school supplies and safe and reliable transportation,” said Program Manager Rebecca Benner. “For the children and teenagers in San Diego Unified, clothing, food, school supplies, and transportation are critical areas of need. These funds will be used to support activities and services for homeless students, and to purchase things like filled backpacks, warm winter clothing, and other necessities.”
During the last school year, the program served more than 6,000 San Diego Unified students who lacked a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence. These children were temporarily living in shelters for the homeless; others were seeking refuge with their families in cars, parks or other emergency locations. In addition to assisting students and families experiencing homelessness, the program provides assistance to military families and students in foster care.
CSA awards grants once per year to charitable organizations and any excess funds are disbursed by way of “holiday donation” to assist people and families in need. This year, the organization’s board of directors unanimously voted to donate $6,000 to Children and Youth in Transition.
CSA is a non-profit association organized to solicit contributions from district employees for recognized charitable agencies in San Diego County. Traditionally, CSA donates funds to organizations that support educational, health, and human services, as well as arts, research projects, and literary projects.
The Children and Youth in Transition Department welcomes community partnerships in San Diego. When an individual or organization makes a donation for homeless children and youth enrolled in San Diego Unified School District, 100 percent of the donation goes to the children.
For more information about the Children and Youth in Transition program, contact Program Manager Rebecca Benner at 619-725-7652. For more information on CSA, please visit their website at