Monday, May 27, 2013

Carson Elementary dancers perform at airport terminal

Dancing at the airport As part of the grand re-opening of Terminal 2 at the San Diego International Airport, four grade-three students from Carson Elementary performed with Ballet Folklorico to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

 Arriving passengers were greeted by dancers who perform regularly with Ballet Folklorico, a dance company that partners with Bayside Community Center in Linda Vista, one of Carson's very active school partners.

Ballet Folklorico teaches traditional Mexican dances and folklore to children ages 5-12 Folklorico is composed of ballet steps and musical pieces reflecting various regions and folk music genres of Mexico.

"Dance is great for a child¹s frame of mind," said Carson Principal Joe Frescatore. "By teaching youngsters how to dance it gives them physical advantages such as general fitness, discipline, endurance, balance and coordination. Dance also provides youth with the opportunity to interact with others, providing social activity and a sense of camaraderie that tends to make a person much more spontaneous, while developing their self-esteem."

For more information: Nadia Arambula at (619) 446-7283, or visit the website at