Saturday, May 4, 2013

Juarez Elementary parent shares fingerpainting techniques

 Fingerpainting at Juarez
Juarez parent Dr. Pinkie Feinstein brought his "intuitive painting" process to school, helping kids work through issues with artistic expression.

New to San Diego, Dr. Feinstein, father of three Juarez students, demonstrated the process that, while fun and relaxing, helps relieve stress and helps kids focus.

"Putting pastels to paper and listening to upbeat music, participants create beautiful and colorful renderings," said Principal Marceline Marques. "Intuitive painting is widely utilized in schools in Israel, where the family is from."

The activity is helpful to all students, especially those with ADHD and emotional challenges. Participants are given paper and pastels and only instructed to "cover the entire paper with color."

"It fits in with both behavior support/emotional regulation and the school wide art program," she said.

A grade 5 teacher, Michael Wilson, invited Dr. Feinstein to run a workshop in his classroom.

"The students thoroughly enjoyed the art aspect while processing emotions and developing right brain function," said Marques.

Dr. Feinstein is a psychiatrist with his degree from the University of Tel Aviv. He has authored several books on topics such as child rearing, dealing with anxiety, ADHD, and his IP methods. For more information contact Principal Marceline Marques at, or (858) 496-8145.