Thursday, May 16, 2013

Madison High cheerleaders pep up Lindbergh-Schweitzer Elementary

The cheer squad from Madison High wants at the school's cluster mate to make sure it does as good as it can on mandated state tests.

Cheering at Lindbergh Schweitzer To drive that point home, the squad visited Lindbergh Schweitzer Elementary School to pep up the elementary students just before tests began.

Vice Principal Muriel Bartolini thought having the older students cheer on the younger students as they go through the two weeks of testing would inspire the students to "do their best on the test." Afternoon recess seemed to be the perfect time for the "Hawks" to come cheer for the "Tigers."
Some of the cheerleaders were former students at Lindbergh Schweitzer.

"We love to support the students at Madison, and in turn they have shown their support for our students—a win-win for everyone!" Mrs. Bartolini said, "Three cheers for the Madison Community of Schools!"