Saturday, May 25, 2013

Special Education ‘Above and Beyond’ awards honor 15

The Community Advisory Committee for Special Education and San Diego Unified's special Education division have named 15 to its Honor Roll for "exceptional contributions to the educational outcomes of students with disabilities."

Honor roll 2013 Honored were Erin Grettenberger, Alcott Elementary; Andrea Marcus, Bay Park Elementary; Andrew McNally, Behavior Support Resources; Irene Reed, Behavior Support Resources; Jane Doft, Vocational Rehabilitation; Kyle Benson, Fletcher Elementary; Patricia Harver, Cubberley Elementary; Alison Labastida, Alan Morales, Aaron Smith, Millennial Tech Middle School; Dana McKenna, Doyle Elementary; Rita McKerring, Green Elementary; Janice Von Arx, Lisa Walker, Whittier Center.

The committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Education and Special Education administration on the implementation of the Special Education Local Plan Area. This plan is a legal document that describes how the district provides services to students with exceptional needs. Committee membership is comprised of parents with students who receive Special Education services, parents with students in general education, district staff from both special and general education, community agency representatives and any community member who is interested in Special Education.

Any parent of a student in the district, staff or community member may attend and participate in committee meetings. For more information, visit the committee's website.