Friday, September 4, 2009

Maintenance Activities are Booming

With the passage of Proposition S, maintenance activities are booming as schools are being repaired, renovated, modernized and enlarged at a rate not witnessed since Proposition MM.

All construction and maintenance work can be difficult but the projects that take place in or near school buildings while school is in session are the most challenging. Success largely depends on preparation, competence and pre-planning. Every principal plays a key role in any project management process.

The principal’s leadership and personal involvement are an essential element of a successful project. The District's Prop. S staff strives to keep principals "in the loop" from the early planning stages of a project to the day the construction crews leave the site. Planner-estimators, project managers and district draftsmen require principals to review and sign project drawings and plans. Principals are encouraged to thoroughly review these plans and ask questions.

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