Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Ways to Conserve Water

Spreckels Elementary parent LeeAnn Bates is conscientious about water use. As the school’s Garden Club Coordinator, she is working hard to incorporate drought tolerant and native plants into the school garden – an important lesson for students in these water-challenged times.

To take the lesson further, when the school’s emergency supply of water packets expired and were about to be replaced with new packets, Bates decided to use the expired pouches to irrigate the school’s garden. The empty water packets, similar to foil Capri Sun pouches, were then recycled through Terracycle.

First grade students (see photo) were the first to use expired water packets on their herb garden. Other schools can take a lesson from Spreckels by using expiring emergency water packets for their school gardens or by working with their site landscape staff to water other campus areas.

For more information, please contact J. William Naish, supervisor, energy/utility management, at (858) 627-7217 or

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