Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New San Diego Unified Website Debuts

A new, more functional website made its debut for the San Diego Unified School District on Wednesday, September 9.

The site sports a new look and better organization, in addition to having a modern infrastructure, known as a content management system. The address,, will remain the same.

"San Diego Unified's website has long been a hodgepodge of technologies," said Darryl Lagace, Chief Technology Officer. "With this new system, we're solidly in the 21st Century."

"This is our primary method of communication with our students, parents, staff and community," said Bernie Rhinerson, Chief District Relations Officer. "This is a new design and a new organization that we believe everyone will find to be very easy to use."

A new navigation system color-codes the major areas of use, such as staff, Board of Education, parents and students.

In June, the district purchased a content management system from Schoolwires, a State College, PA company. During the summer, district staff worked on the first phase of the web design, which was to convert all of its central-office pages. Next to get the new site will be the 50 schools that currently have no website.