Monday, September 14, 2009

New Ed Center Kiosk Sheds Light on Energy Savings

How much energy is your school not only saving but producing? A new interactive kiosk in the Eugene Brucker Education Center lobby tells all — every kilowatt hour being produced, as well as photos and other information. The kiosk provides real-time information on the 28 solar electric roofs around the district. The information is also online at .

Students regularly tour the solar array on the roof of the 57-year-old main district headquarters building, which, according to the generating system’s monitors, reduced 636,016 lbs of CO2 emissions on a recent day. At Mira Mesa High School, the reduction was 1,918,063 lbs. of CO2 emissions. The display also has graphical tutorials on photovoltaic systems and interacts with visitors to inform them on the district’s carbon footprint reduction efforts. For more information, please contact J. William Naish, supervisor, energy/utility management, at (858) 627-7217 or .

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