Thursday, September 10, 2009

We’re Being Water Wise

Our irrigation systems specialists have been busy reprogramming the irrigation systems to make sure we’re in compliance with the City of San Diego’s Level 2 Drought Alert Water Restrictions, which went into effect on June 1.

As you’re aware, the restrictions place limits on irrigation and with hundreds of acres of landscaped areas, our schools, staff, athletic fields and campus green spaces have all been impacted.

Much of the watering is controlled by a central system but in some cases there are individual controls for individual sprinklers, which staff have been busy reprogramming. There are a few areas where the district is asking the City for a variance from the regulations.

If you see any irrigation you believe is not in compliance, or see a broken pipe or missing sprinkler head, please notify a site staff member or contact Physical Plant Operations.

Thanks to these efforts, the district has reduced water waste and avoided fines. For additional information, please contact J. William Naish, supervisor, energy/utility management, physical plant operations, at (858) 627-7217 or

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