Monday, January 31, 2011

Attendance Gains Continue

Month 4 in 2010-11 Month 4 in 2009-10 % increase from Month 4 in 2009-10
District 96.05 95.38 +0.67
Elementary Schools 96.18 95.52 +0.66
Middle Schools 96.37 95.61 +0.76
High Schools 95.63 94.99 +0.64
San Diego Unified's all-out effort to ensure students are in school every day continues to pay off, with average daily attendance up for the fourth straight month this year.
The latest figures, for the fourth month of the school year (the 30 days ending Dec. 17), show overall district attendance has increased to 96.05 percent, up from 95.38 percent in 2009-10.

"This is great news. The hard work of our teachers, principals, schools, students and parents is really paying off this year," said Superintendent Bill Kowba. "While we are excited to have more than 96 percent in class or with excused absences, our goal is 100 percent. Students can't learn if they aren't in class."
In a report to the superintendent, Darryl LaGace, the district's chief information & technology officer, called the results very significant, particularly in light of the fact that attendance generally declines near the holidays.
High schools are at a notably higher rate than they have been; up 0.45 percent from the second highest percentage back in 2008-09.
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