Wednesday, January 12, 2011

San Diego High Culinary Arts Students Test Breakfast Options

Culinary Arts students at the San Diego High School of Business were recruited to taste test breakfast options for a new Breakfast in the Classroom program that is in the planning stages for the downtown campus.

"High school students have very discerning tastes," said Sylvia Kravitz, the district's product development technician.

"Adults may find what we think is a great product: it looks good, tastes good, the price is right and it meets nutritional guidelines, but if it doesn't pass the student test, we don't put it on the menu."

Breakfast items not only have to meet guidelines but have to be portable and easy to eat. Students tested fruit smoothies, breakfast flautas, whole-grain cereals and a cherry apple crunch bar. Students also learned about how school menus are developed and about careers in the nutrition field and in the food industry.

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