Sunday, March 11, 2012

50 JROTC Students Headed to Camp at SDSU This Summer

Science in 2011
Camp for 50 JROTC students will be this summer at San Diego State University, as they'll be part of the College of Engineering's science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) camp this summer.
For the second-year program, students will follow much the same routine as the 2011 class. The campers will be looking at engineering, bio-medical, robotics and nursing at the university level, with hands-on experiments such as building remote control robotic devices, studying robotic programming and learning the anatomy of the human heart

Other course projects include the understanding of how the circulatory system functions, making a heart pump, doing a laparoscopic surgery activity, creating a rocket-powered car, attempting to fly an airplane through the use of flight simulators, exploring the use of solar panels and experimenting with hydrogen fuel cell cars.

The program is funded by the Army's JROTC Cadet Command and includes room and board in SDSU dormitories, a campus tour and other activities that give them a taste of campus life. This program was initiated through the support of Dr. Bruce Westermo, Assistant Dean in the College of Engineering at San Diego State University, and LTC David Guzman, San Diego Unified's JROTC Program Manager.

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