Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pt. Loma Schools Hold Computer Classes for Teachers

Computer class The Point Loma Cluster Digital Literacy Committee and the SDUSD Educational Technology Department recently held  a cluster-wide Digital Literacy Day for i21 classroom teachers in the Point Loma cluster. Our Digital Literacy Day provided i21 teachers from elementary and secondary schools with opportunities to share ideas and explore the use digital tools to support instruction in the classroom.

Our Digital Literacy Day was organized into a series of 14 small-group sessions topics covering different content areas, grade ranges, and ability levels, such as: Digital Assessments, Digital Resources and Dropbox.

The Point Loma Cluster Digital Literacy Committee was founded in 2010 with the purpose of supporting the use of digital tools in the classroom. The committee consists of representatives from the ten schools in the Point Loma cluster, the Point Loma Cluster Foundation, and the Educational Technology Department. The committee developed the “K-12 Digital Literacy Matrix” to coordinate the use of digital tools in the classroom and support the district goal of insuring students are technologically proficient by 8th grade. The Point Loma Cluster Digital Literacy Day was creating by the committee to provide professional development in support of the implementation of this matrix.

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