Friday, March 16, 2012

Zoo Takes Over Paradise Hills Classes

Armadillo in class
Armadillo in class.
Paradise Valley Elementary School went wild recently as animals and keepers from the World Famous San Diego Zoo brought critters and experiments so second graders could learn more about the world's ecosystem.

The main topic was the dangers of trash to animals. The deaths of many animals have been attributed to them eating trash; students dressed up like real scientists and dissected "animals" (plastic animals in colorful goo) to find actual trash in their digestive tracts.

"After those experiments, our students pledged to help wild animals by picking up trash that is on the ground and putting it in the right place -- the trash can," said Principal Marisol Marin. Other classes were able to touch live animals such as a Chilean armadillo and a African Pygmy falcon.

The San Diego Zoo has many programs for the children of San Diego. This particular program helps youngsters learn how can make a difference for conservation, what to do, when to do it, and how to tell others. For more information on the Zoo's programs, go to its website,

To learn more about Paradise Valley Elementary School, contact Principal Marin at (619) 479-3145.