Thursday, March 1, 2012

JROTC Students Heading To Leadership Conference

The rights and responsibilities as American citizens are the topics of a national conference that will be attended by seven members of their high schools' JROTC programs this spring.

The cadets, already ranked as the top two in their junior class, were selected by members of the Military Order of World Wars San Diego chapter. The four-day American Leaders Youth Summit is presented by the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge.

Students scheduled to attend are: Arnelle Sambile and Zabrina Reyes, Mira Mesa High; Michelle Mayo and Audrey Pelonia from Morse HIgh; Jordan Robertson, Patrick Henry; Steven Fang, Kearny; Marielena Teng, Scripps Ranch.

The nominees showed strong academic, citizenship and leadership traits. The Freedoms Foundation provides a wide range of educational and awards programs for students, teachers and citizens to gain a greater awareness and appreciation of the principles and responsibilities of a free and democratic society.
Student participants from around the country will be challenged to articulate their views and perceptions about their constitutional rights and responsibilities as citizens while interacting and working collaboratively with their peers on various projects.

These programs include: U.S. history, citizenship and civics, Constitutional rights, citizen responsibilities, student entrepreneurship, American political process, public policy issues, free enterprise system,
All education programs are conducted at the Freedoms Foundation's 85-acre campus in historic Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, located 25 miles from Philadelphia. In addition, the students will also visit Washington D.C. to gain greater awareness of our national history, monuments and museums.

For more information, please contact LTC David Guzman, JROTC Program Manager, at