Friday, March 16, 2012

Parents Invited to Serve on District Anti-bullying Advisory Committee

San Diego Unified is looking for parents to serve on the Safe Schools Advisory Group. This group advises the district on how to make sure our students are safe from bullying (including cyber-bullying), harassment and intimidation while at school, at school events, on school buses or even outside of school hours if the intention is to be carried out at school

Parent perspectives are important because parents see the effects of bullying that teachers often don't see.
Parents are invited to join any of the following subgroups:
  1. Curriculum Development Subgroup: Develop curriculum and work with teachers and sites to prevent student-to-student bullying, harassment and intimidation. Guide and assist teachers and sites to implement Senate Bill 48. Contact: Matt Hayes at 619-725-7138.
  2. Communications Subgroup: Communicate district-wide about the work of the Safe Schools Advisory Group; maintain Safe Schools website; share information with community groups on how to support anti-bullying efforts. Contact: Sandra Salom for Bernie Rhinerson at 619-725-5504.
  3. Staff Training Subgroup: Design and train all staff members on student-to-student bullying prevention that includes discussion, information, and/or instruction about the district's anti-bullying strategies and non-discrimination policies and procedures, reporting and investigation requirements, effective interventions to employ when witnessing bullying, harassment or intimidation, and cultural sensitivity related to sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. Contact: Marge Kleinsmmith-Hildebrand at 619-725-7123.)
  4. Student/Parent Involvement Subgroup: Work directly with parent and student groups (i.e., PTA/PTSA, GSA, ASB) to promote anti-bullying on our school campuses. Contact: Agin Shaheed at 858-490-8691.
  5. Community Resources Subgroup: Work directly with community stakeholders from youth-oriented organizations to provide support and resources to the Safe Schools Advisory Committee. Contact: Denise Serrano for Delores Jacobs at 619-692-2077 x103.
Here is the District Policy on bullying, harassment and intimidation.