Sunday, March 18, 2012

SD Met Students, Staff Present at Principals Conference

Interviewed in Tampa
Students Janelle, left, and Elaine talk to the conference videographer.
San Diego Met High School sophomores Elaine Kunkee and Janelle Spikes joined staff from school in making a presentation on how the Met created a school culture that improves student achievement at a recent national conference.
The National Association of Secondary School Principals Breaking Ranks Conference heard the presentation, "The Fuel of Reform: Creating a School Culture That Utilizes Data to Improve Student Achievement" during its March 8-10 conference. Principal Mildred Phillips and four school staff members joined the students at the conference.

"I can't believe all the adults that wanted to hear my opinion at the conference," said Kunkee. "They asked about my internships and college classes, and made me feel like a celebrity on camera! It was a once in a lifetime experience I'll never forget."

This annual conference convenes school leaders, teachers, and students from the nation's top middle and high schools to discuss effective practices, programs, and strategies with colleagues from across the country.

"I learned so much, and will always remember the opportunity to travel across the country and be thankful for the experience," said Spikes.

For additional information contact Phillips at or (619) 388-2297.