Monday, June 3, 2013

Balboa Elementary parents visit universities; principal honored

It's been a busy few weeks at Balboa Elementary School in the Shelltown neighborhood, as parents joined their kids on a tour of two local universities and the principal received a prestigious award.

Balboa parents at UCSD Principal Fabiola Bagula has received the 2013 Visionary Award from the San Diego César E. Chávez Commemoration Committee. The certificate commends her for her strong leadership, compassion, integrity and justice in the community.

The award was presented at the 15th Annual Cesar Chavez Community Breakfast on April 8. More than 200 people attended the reception along with many San Diego politicians, including Mayor Bob Filner.

Thanks to the generosity of the Bravo Foundation, parents visited UC San Diego and University of San Diego.

"For many of our families," said Principal Bagula, "this was the first opportunity to visit a university campus. We hope this continues to fuel the dream of college-bound children at Balboa."

On the tours, parents learned about the differences between public and private college institutions, visited classrooms, dorm rooms and met college students who come from Balboa's neighborhood. They were also advised on what to monitor to ensure that their child is a college-bound student.

The landmark Geisel Library at UC San Diego, along with statues to Dr. Seuss and his characters, were on the tour stops. Ted Geisel created the Dr. Seuss character and books, and lived in La Jolla much of his life.

For more information on the events, contact Principal Bagula at (619) 362-4100.