Friday, June 14, 2013

Retired teachers give $1,500 scholarships to 13 students

San Diego retired teachers, members of the California Retired Teacher Association (CalRTA) Division 4, have awarded 13 local high school seniors $1,500.
Scholarship winners
High school seniors were judged on their academic achievement, school leadership, extra curricular activities, community/volunteer service, financial need, and work/home activities.

The 2013 scholarship recipients are: Miguel Anzelmetti, Jr., San Diego; Calvin Yao, University City; Brandon Khuu-Preuss, Irena Tang-Serra,Tyrone McCauley, Lincoln; Samantha Macam-Morse, Brenden Zounes, Point Loma; Thao Tran-Crawford, Amanda Robinson-Scripps, Diem Tran, Hoover; Jordyn Rine, Clairemont; and Ashleigh Bugos, Kearny.

The scholarship recipients have an average grade point of 3.90 and will be attending UCLA, UCSD, UC San Franicisco and UC Berkeley. Their diverse areas of study include bio-engineering, neurosciences, chemistry, psychology, and teaching.

CalRTA is proud of its scholarship program that recognizes deserving, hard-working, and intelligent young people.

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