Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Children at the heart of district reorganization

After engaging in extensive dialogue with staff, community, parents, and diverse stakeholders, Superintendent Designate Cindy Marten designed an organizational structure to support our schools. She recently announced the reorganization plan that will go into effect on July 1 when she becomes superintendent.

By gathering insights and input over the past four months, she was able to create a systematic approach that puts the needs of children at the heart of the district with a strong focus on students, classrooms and learning. The plan encompasses what is needed to implement the Board of Education’s 2020 Vision for Quality Schools in Every Neighborhood. It is designed to ensure the district is a system that is effective, collaborative, and efficient in serving children, particularly with the implementation Quality School Indicator Number Four: Access to a Broad and Challenging Curriculum. See the new organization chart .

This new structure is designed in a way that will eliminate several leadership positions, while professional development is being insourced, saving the district nearly $400,000 in outside contracts.

Watch Marten's Board presentation.