Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Intense testing part of life at IB school

For many students, the month of May means that summertime is approaching. For more than 200 juniors and seniors enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program at Mission Bay High School, it means test time.

Since May 2006, Mission Bay High has been offering hundreds of hard-working students the opportunity to better prepare themselves for the challenges of the outside world with the IB Diploma Program. The program allows them to engage in rigorous, college-level courses in a variety of subjects, from more advanced versions of English and Mathematics to classes like Environmental Systems and Societies, and Business and Management.

A major part of the IB Program is a final assessment at the end of each course, which takes place in May. These exams are comparable to college final exams in difficulty, and are meant to challenge the students’ skills and prepare them for the rigors they will face at the next levels of their education. The testing itself spans two days for every subject, and students must complete essays in addition to the traditional examination.

The Mission Bay Cluster is one of only two clusters in San Diego Unified to offer IB programs on every possible level, thus making it one of the few K-12 IB Continuums. This includes the Primary Years Program (K-5), the Middle Years Program (6-8), and the Diploma Program (11-12). All of these are linked by the IB Learner Profile, which is what all students and staff strive to exemplify by being effective communicators, daring risk-takers, and open-minded thinkers.

As a show of support to the testers, students and staff from Kate Sessions Elementary, an IB Primary Years school, and Pacific Beach Middle School, a Middle Years Program school, worked together to create survival bags for IB students at Mission Bay High. The bags contained stationery items, candy, a joke from the students, and an inspirational quote. It is this tradition of caring and support that exemplifies the IB Learner Profile and the Mission Bay Cluster’s commitment to all of its students.
For more information on the IB Program at Mission Bay High, call 858-273-1313, ext. 285.