Friday, September 6, 2013

Home Depot employees, Madison High students join Sequoia Elementary community in school mini-makeover

A mid-summer freshening at Sequoia Elementary School brought not only the school's community together, but 10 students from cluster school Madison High, with local business partner Home Depot supplying paint and five employee-volunteers.

Home Depot volunteer paints "Students, parents, teachers and Home Depot employees worked together to make Sequoia Elementary more inviting for the new year," said Principal Ryan Kissel. "All of the materials, including the paint and paint brushes, were generously donated by Home Depot."

More than 50 volunteers painted flowers on the school's fence and repainted many areas around the campus, including book characters on the concrete walkways and lines on the blacktop. The crew also pulled weeds on August 17.

For more information, contact Kissel at (858) 496-8240.