Thursday, September 5, 2013

Webster Elementary spruced up for 2013-14 school year

New Webster Elementary School principal Carmi Strom knew who to call when he arrived at the school in August and wanted to spruce up the Webster District campus for the new 2013-14 school year.Digging up tree
San Diego Unified's Physical Plan Operations staff responded with new plants, paint and a small makeover for the campus this summer.

"We had a great response from the district staff," said Strom. "It's so much more inviting here on campus."

Drew Rowlands, Executive Director of San Diego Unified's Auxiliary Services Division, which includes Physical Plant Operations, said the efforts of his work crews are just part of their efforts to make sure that there is a quality neighborhood school for every student in the district.

"This is a great example of the teamwork of a school site staff and our field experts," said Rowlands.

For more information, contact Strom at (619) 362-3000.