Friday, September 20, 2013

Recalled ground beef not used by San Diego Unified

San Diego Unified has contacted all of its beef vendors and they responded immediately in writing that none of the beef sent to San Diego Unified is part of the recall announced by the US Department of Agriculture on Sept. 19, 2013.

The California Department of Education Nutrition Services Division has also confirmed these responses.

Food safety is always our primary concern at the San Diego Unified School District, where the Food and Nutrition Services Department have clear recall and food safety procedures in place. They include procedures for investigating the recall to determine if we are affected, placing possible recalled food on hold at the kitchen and cold storage facility, transporting recalled food and if necessary for disposing of recalled food.

There are no circumstances in which a food on hold or on recall would be served. Investigation of the recall involves contacting vendors and getting their responses in writing. In addition, vendors follow strict contract guidelines and are thoroughly vetted and licensed companies.

On September 19, 2013 the USDA sent notice of a recall of ground beef from the Central Valley Meat Company in Hanford, California. The products were shipped to Arkansas, California, Montana and Texas and were intended for use in the National School Lunch Program. The recall notice included the product description and case codes. 

For more information on the Food and Nutrition Services Department, contact Director Gary Petill at (858) 627-7301.