Monday, September 9, 2013

Sherman videos score at California Student Media Festival

Two videos from Sherman Academy elementary school in Sherman Heights have won awards from the California Student Media Festival.

New Sherman School student The videos, Cyberbullying is Bullying and Don't Judge a Zombie by its Cover were preduced by fifth graders during Manolito De los Reyes' "Literacy through Technology" class.

"We focus on literacy skills such as reading, writing and word study, integrating technology through all of the work," said Reyes. "Unlike a traditional computer lab or technololgy class, the focus is not on the technology and tools, but rather the focus is on the literacy skills."

To complete their projects, students learn the technology, he added.

Don't Judge a Zombie by its Cover, was a result of a compromise. One group of students wanted to focus on the importance of not judging others by their appearance. The remaining kids in the group wanted to create a story involving the hot topic of zombies! The ideas were combined and the result was a fresh and funny take on the lesson of not judging a book by it's cover. This video won the California Student Media Festival Award for Best Directing (Elementary).

In Cyberbullying is Bullying, students decided to present the most interesting facts they discovered about cyberbullying through in a public service announcement format. This video won the California Student Media Festival Award for Best Thematic Video (Elementary).

The awards show can be watched online. For more information on the program, contact De los Reyes at