Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rosa Parks students, staff and families celebrate Mexican Independence Day

"Grito de Delores, Viva Mexico!!" could be heard across the playground of Rosa Parks Elementary the morning of Sept. 16 as students students danced and told the story of Miguel Hildago y Costilla and the beginning of the Mexican War of Independence.
Dancers salute Mexico. Remedios Gómez Arnau, Cónsul General from the Mexican Consulate in San Diego was in attendance and shared her joy and enthusiasm of our celebration with everyone in attendance. Parents spent many weeks prior to school opening to teach the three dances students performed as well as practicing the reenactment of the historic event from September 16, 1810, which set into motion a war that lasted more than ten years until Mexico was able to declare its independence from Spain.

Teachers Ramon Espinal and Lourdes Jimenez led as masters of the ceremony, introducing each performance and special guests.
Rosa Parks Elementary is in the neighborhood of City Heights and serves more than 1,100 students Pre-K to 5th grade where more than 80 percent of the students represent Hispanic or Latino heritage. For more information please contact Irene Hightower, Vice Principal, at 619-282-6803.