Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Angier Elementary students create can sculpture to ‘say no to drugs and bullies’

More than 2,600 cans were collected and built into a tower by Angier Elementary School students to show that they “just say no to drugs and bullies,” part of the school's Red Ribbon Week activities.
The collected items from the food drive are then used by teams from each grade to construct creative can towers and structures.

"This is a great opportunity to challenge the students' cooperative learning skills,' said Principal Andrew Gergurich, "their engineering techniques, and their creative abilities, while using an everyday item.
"After they construct these towers, we then donate the food to the Serra Mesa Food Pantry."

This year Angier All-Stars and families had donated more than 2,600 cans of food. 800 more cans than 2012. The additional cans not only helped in constructing huge structures, but will help many needy families in the Serra Mesa Area, and restock the Serra Mesa Food Pantry.

"Our All-Stars and families never cease to amaze me! They are so generous and always willing to give back to our great Serra Mesa community," said Principal Gergurich. "This was a great event that not only focused on the importance of saying no to drugs and bullies, but provided resources to needy individuals in our school community."

For more information on how to donate to the Serra Mesa Food Pantry please call 858-278-2633. If you would like more information on Angier Elementary please contact the office at (858) 496 ­ 8295 or email Principal Gergurich at