Thursday, October 31, 2013

Elementary salad bars taking a dip

Dipper Bars are the newest thing being tested in San Diego Unified cafeterias.
Introducing Dippers! Recent fall festivals at Ellen Browning Scripps, Hickman and Sessions elementary schools were able to sample some of the local, farm fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables from their new Dipper Bars.

The Dipper Bar concept takes salad bars a step further by offering fruits and vegetables cut in a way that can be dipped in a variety of healthy sauces and dips like hummus, salsa, and the new Green Bellies honey mustard dressing.

Dipper bars make salad bar food into finger foods, making them easier to eat at lunch. The Dipper Bar program is being piloted at selected schools.

“Cathy Carrot” was dietetic intern Kathleen Galendez who was accompanied by Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School site leader Matilda Ma. The displays and events were organized by Mary Tyranski, FoodCorps Service Member.

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