Thursday, October 3, 2013

Library is usually in the school, not the other way around

Superintedent and board members
City officials, dignitaries and thousands from the community came together in the East Village last Saturday to officially dedicate the new Central Library and tour the new facility in advance of the Sept. 30 grand opening.

San Diego Unified Superintendent Cindy Marten spoke on behalf of the district and  was joined on stage by Board President John Lee Evans and Board Member Richard Barrera during the program. Board Vice President Kevin Beiser and Trustees Scott Barnett and Marne Foster also attended the event.

The board members and Superintendent Marten had their own “sneak peek” of the library earlier in the month when they toured the library and the new e3 Civic High charter school that occupies two floors of the library. e3 Civic High is one of the district's charter school.

"Based on a shared purpose around literacy and lifelong learning, the partnership between e3 Civic High and the New San Diego Central Library will be a vanguard example of collaboration," said the school's website. "Along with these community-based affiliates, e3 Civic High will support and challenge its students to learn, create, and excel through civic and workforce partnership."

The district is leasing two floors in the library for e3 Civic High. The district recently completed renovations to the two floors so that classes could begin Sept. 3. The costs to the district included $20 million for a 40-year lease and an additional $8.3 million for tenant improvements, $1 million for classroom furniture, and more than half a million for modifications to the building to accommodate the school.
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