Friday, May 30, 2014

PTA salutes dedication of volunteers working with children at San Diego schools

Volunteer hours
What's the value of PTA volunteer hours?

According to the San Diego Unified Council of PTAs, it is $7,638,632.10. That's more than half the amount that San Diego Unified receives in a typical year from the California Lottery.

The San Diego Unified Council of PTA’s held its annual Founders Day Celebration at San Diego State University  on May 19. The recognizes the founders of the PTA, including Alice Birney and Phoebe Hearst, and provided the opportunity to acknowledge the contributions that parents, teachers, principals, and community volunteers make at our schools.

Derby Pattengill, President of the San Diego Unified Council of PTAs, presented Board President Kevin Beiser (pictured above) with a symbolic check for $7,638,632.10. The check represents the monetary equivalent of  the volunteer hours contributed by PTA volunteers during the 2013-14 school year. Board President Beiser said, “the value of time and effort invested by our PTA volunteers is beyond measure.”

"The San Diego Unified Council of PTA’s is proud to work alongside the district to support students,”  said Pattengill. "Last year, the symbolic check was for $4.2 million, and this year, it is at $7.6 million. This represents a large increase in the amount of time, energy and enthusiasm that PTA volunteers bring to schools."

This year marked the council's 25th year.