Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Special Education panel honors those who go "above and beyond"

Award winners
The Above and Beyond Awards, which honor individuals who have contributed “Above and Beyond” the usual expectation in the area of Special Education, were held on May 8, 2014. The Community Advisory Committee for Special Education in collaboration with SDUSD hold the nominations and awards annually and are open to school district employees, students, family members and community members.

Pictured above are the 2014 CAC Above and Beyond Award winners. Bottom Row, left to right: Sonia Picos (Executive Director of Special Education), April McKay, First Sergeant Keller, Shannon Dearborn, Valerie Crisci, Ian Law, Jeannie Heffley, Christy Scadden (CAC Chair). Back Row, left to right: Rakeisha Gomez, Lieutenant Colonel Josten, Joanne Gilson, Sara Fredrick, Mary Kay Cook, Maegan Champion.