Saturday, May 3, 2014

UC High artists brighten up downtown San Diego

University City High's ArtsTECH Academy students recently showcased their work downtown in The San Diego Link Art Show.

Artist at work. AIGA -- The Professional Association for Design, sponsored the event, where dazzled spectators strolled through the spacious Space4Art venue. The show featured the work of AIGA's link students, who have worked all year with industry professionals in graphic media design, photography, typography, and other creative industries.

"We had different artwork, photos, paintings, and even an animation video at the show," said Junior Diana Calderon. "The classes were great. Every Saturday, we were learning something different, so we were learning what we wanted to do."

Calderon, who wants to go into either the film or photography field, found the mentorships within the program quite beneficial.
"We had many mentors from different careers," she said. "For me, photography was the most interesting. As part of this mentorship, they took us to the Museum of Art at Balboa Park."

Calderon learned of this opportunity through her ArtsTECH teacher, Lauriel Adsit. After Adsit explained the opportunity, and how it extended what they had already learned, Calderon said that she and the others were eager to join.

The following UCHS ArtsTECH students shared material in the show: Kassandra Cabrera, Diana Calderon, Nicole Cooper, Lucero Cuevas Lopez, Natalie Eddy, Mavio Gonzalez, Jacky Lopez, Anne Marie Prescott, Katherine Ramirez-Damaso, Rachel Ramirez-Rosas and Leslye Soto
The ArtsTECH academy is in its 10th year at UCHS. It develops foundational media, technology, and art skills, leading students along college and career pathways into the 21st century arts, media, and entertainment industries. By integrating media arts across disciplines, the ArtsTECH academy provides students a broader perspective of the role of art and media in today's world.

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