Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Update: New School Principals Appointed Throughout District

Since June 16, the Board of Education has approved many new principal assignments for the 2009-10 school year. Many of the principals will be replacing those who have retired; others have moved to different schools or administrative jobs.

Here are the schools affected and their new principals, as of August 4, 2009.

Elementary/K-8 Schools
  • Bay Park: Elizabeth Ballard, formerly vice principal, San Diego High.
  • Bethune: John Spiegel, from director, High School Instructional Support.
  • Bird Rock: Carol Barry, formerly Chief Elementary School Officer.
  • Cadman: Leslie Barnes, from principal, North Park Elementary School.
  • Chollas-Mead: Julia Bridi, formerly vice principal at Jerabek Elementary.
  • Field: Yesenia Robinson, from principal, Marshall Elementary.
  • Encanto: Debra Baker, formerly principal, Roosevelt Elementary School, Desert Sands Unified School District.
  • Gage: Kathy Burns, formerly vice-principal of Wilson Middle School.
  • Garfield: Chip Dale, formerly principal of Green Elementary.
  • Grant: Monique Robertson, from principal, School of Law and Business, Crawford High Educational Complex.
  • Green: Bruce Ferguson, formerly Hardy Elementary School principal.
  • Hage: Eric Takeshita, from principal, Bay Park Elementary.
  • Hamilton: Mary Tayler, formerly principal, Jefferson Elementary School, Hoffman Estates, Ill.
  • Hancock: Yolanda Lewis, from principal, Rolando Park Elementary.
  • Hardy: Kathy Wolfe, formerly principal at Bay Park and Clay elementary schools.
  • Hawthorne: Kimberly Lopez, from vice principal, Encanto Elementary.
  • Holmes: Evva Cross, formerly principal of Porter Elementary.
  • Jones: Rita Powell, from vice principal, Logan School.
  • Kimbrough: Flavia Soria, formerly principal of Longfellow School.
  • Longfellow: Cynthia Garrison-Arce, formerly IB Diploma Examiner, International Baccalaureate Organization, United Kingdom.
  • Marshall: Staci Monreal, from Los Angeles Schools (on loan from SDUSD).
  • Miramar Ranch: Peggy Crain, formerly principal of Rosa Parks Elementary.
  • Oak Park: Milton Martin, from vice principal, ALBA.
  • Porter: Lillie McMillan, formerly principal, Hamilton Elementary School.
  • Rosa Parks: Carolanne Buguey, formerly principal of Chollas-Mead.
  • Rolondo Park: Kimberly Meng, from vice principal, De Portola Middle School.
  • Sequoia: Ryan Kissel, formerly vice principal, Emerson/Bandini Elementary.
  • Sunset View: Jackie McCabe, formerly principal, Cadman Elementary.
  • Vista Grande: Mary Catherine Calcagno, formerly vice principal, Adams Elementary.
Middle Schools
  • Creative Performing and Media Arts Middle School (CPMA): Scott Thomason, formerly vice-principal San Diego School for Creative and Performing Arts (CPMA).
  • Wangenheim: Lamont Jackson, formerly Certificated Staffing Administrator.
High Schools
  • Crawford (School of Community Health and Medical Practices [CHAMPS]): William Laine, formerly vice principal at Clairemont High School.
  • Crawford (School of Law and Business): Patrick Holland, formerly high school principal and associate superintendent, Benecia Unified School District.
  • iHigh Virtual Academy: Patty MacIntyre, formerly San Diego County Office of Education Program Manager.
  • Lincoln (Schools of Social Justice and Arts): Ana Shapiro, from vice principal, Lincoln High.
  • Madison High: Richard Nash, from Madison vice principal.
  • Mission Bay: Fred Hilgers, formerly principal of the Creative Performing and Media Arts Middle School.
  • Morse High School: Harry Shelton, from Morse vice principal.
  • San Diego High (School of Media, Visual and Performing Arts): Consuelo Manriquez De Beltran, formerly vice principal, Correia Middle School.
Atypical Schools
  • ALBA: Richard Moore, formerly principal of Lincoln High Arts and Social Justice.
  • Mt. Everest Academy: Nicole Wahab, from Principal, Escondido Classical Academy High School.
  • Twain: Cesar Alcantar, formerly Principal on Special Assignment.
Additional principal appointments will be made at future meetings. For more information on Board meetings, go to the Board of Education section.