Monday, August 17, 2009

A Renewed Focus on Service

As we get ready to start a new school year, there is a renewed and rejuvenated focus on customer service by central office employees. We are recommitting ourselves to provide the best possible educational support services for our schools, our teachers and our students.

During the past 18 months, more than 350 central office positions were eliminated as part of our ongoing effort to ‘right-size’ our support service departments. Numerous divisions have been reorganized with each renewing their focus on improved customer service. During these tough budgetary times, our staff understands that we must rapidly move away from a rigid bureaucratic focus on “directing and prescribing” and move towards a more service-oriented function of “supporting and enabling” the educational mission of our district.

All support departments are transitioning their role to one of coaching, providing resources, training and assessing. It’s our job to provide schools with the information and resources needed to make informed decisions that will improve student academic achievement. For schools to improve, they cannot continue business as usual. They must implement instructional practices and deliver curriculum that get results. Quality teaching in every classroom and meaningful student engagement are keys to student success.

During the coming year, we plan to continue our efforts to support and empower teachers and parents to become more involved with the decision-making process. Teamwork, innovation and collaboration will be our themes and improved student performance will be our objective. Timely, transparent and inclusive communications will help develop trust and cooperation to reach that goal.

As our restructuring continues, we want to make sure you know who to call when you have questions or concerns. Here are some simple tips:

San Diego Unified employees:
San Diego Unified parents/community members
  • For classroom matters, contact your child’s teacher first. If the issue is not resolved, contact the principal. If you have questions about district administrative matters, contact your School Improvement Officer (Elementary , Secondary ) or the Deputy Superintendent.
  • For school matters, contact your child’s school principal. Remember that a school administrator’s day is unpredictable and allow him/her 24 business hours to respond unless it’s an emergency. If your principal is not able to help, contact the School Improvement Officer (Elementary , Secondary ), then your Chief School Improvement Officer and finally the Deputy Superintendent.
  • For other matters please go to our website at or call the following numbers:
    Food Services (858) 627-7301
    School Choice and Registration (619) 725-5672
    Special Education (619) 725-7700
    Transportation (858) 496-8460
    Information Technology (619) 725-7471
    Maintenance and Facilities (858) 627-7122
    Finance (619) 725-7585
    Communications (619) 725-5578
    Fraud Hotline (800) 539-6621
    Human Resources (619) 725-8000
    Volunteering (619) 725-5594
Finally, feel free to contact my office at (619) 725-5506 with any concerns or questions you may have.

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