Friday, March 4, 2011

From The Superintendent: Ask Sacramento to Let Us Vote for Schools

Contact Your Legislators
Bill KowbaAs I’m sure you’re well aware, our district is facing a fourth year of huge funding cuts from the State of California. As we prepare next year’s budget, the $120 million reduction could mean that more than 900 of our certificated staff — teachers, counselors, librarians and nurses — and more than 500 of our support staff may lose their jobs on July 1.
Class sizes will jump, especially in the early years where Kindergarten through grade 3 will go from our current average of 24 students per class to an average of 29.5 students.
One of Gov. Brown’s plans is to spare education from bigger cuts by asking voters to extend several taxes we’re already paying. To do this he’s requested the state legislature to put this matter before voters in June.
If California voters approve these measures, our district will be able to restore about $57 million in budget cuts, save hundreds of teacher and support staff jobs, and possibly keep our K-3 classrooms at their current size.
We urge all of our school families and the community to learn more about this critical issue. We hope you'll take action by contacting your state representatives and urge them to give California voters the right to vote on school funding choices on a special June election ballot.
Our California PTA has a website that will help you find and contact your state legislators.
Thank you for becoming a more informed and involved member of our school community.
Bill Kowba