Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lincoln Law Club Become Jury Members for Teen Court

Students in the Lincoln High School Law Club are serving as jury members monthly for Teen Court.

The Lincoln High School Law Club consists of primarily juniors and seniors and many are enrolled in the Legal and Law Enforcement Careers class on campus.

The students go through training so they are prepared properly for being jury members. Cases are real and the first time offender and parent(s)/guardian(s) appear before the judge and jury.

Students hear cases ranging from theft, drug use, drug possession, fighting, curfew violation, vandalism, etc. The defendant and parents are given a chance to speak before the judge and jury and answer questions.

The cases are held in the San Diego City Council Chamber, where the council members hold their public meetings. The judge and jury sit in the same seats as the council members.

The jury members then meet in a conference room and decide on the consequences for the offender. The judge reviews the consequences and then reads to the defendant the consequences for his/her actions. A defendant who does not follow through on the required consequences within the time frame given appears in Juvenile Court.

Teen Court is designed for first time offenders and is a diversion program with SAY San Diego and the juvenile court system. The first time offender has admitted to guilt and now appears before a judge and peers to accept consequences.

For more information, please contact Ray Beattie, CCTE teacher, at