Monday, March 14, 2011

Trail of Broken Windows Leads to "Officer of the Year"

When a vandalism spree led to 94 windows being broken in Ocean Beach, San Diego Unified School Police Officer Ivan Picazo was brought in to help the San Diego Police Department solve the case.

As part of his normal duties with School Police, Officer Picazo works every day with students at Mission Bay High School. He also keeps tabs on local gang activity, whose members look to our schools for recruits.

Thanks to his contacts, Officer Picazo was able to lead San Diego Police detectives directly to the suspects.

Officer Picazo will be honored at the 20th Annual San Diego Peace Officer of the Year Award Ceremony at the Prado in Balboa Park on April 29. For more information, contact Lt. Reuben Littlejohn, School Police, at (619) 725-7000 or