Tuesday, March 22, 2011

San Diego SciTech High Students Hope for Sun in May

Students work on their boatA team from SciTech at the San Diego High Educational Complex is busily preparing their entry in the 2011 Solar Cup, the Metropolitan Water District's competition to find the fastest solar-powered boat among Southern California high schools.

The SciTech team spends Monday afternoons and many Saturdays in addition to class time in their Intro to Green Technology class working on the boat that will compete in mid-May.

Approximately 75 percent of the team competed last year and are taking on the leadership roles this year with the new members. They have almost completed the propeller system and hope to install the motor and steering system in two weeks.

Each year, the Metropolitan Water District supplies schools with a new boat that they must build from a kit. The basic shape of all the solar boats in the competition are similar, but it is up to the students as to how to decorate their boat and design their mechanical systems.

Industry and community members are offering support along the way as well. Recently, California Sheet Metal came to talk to the students about the design and fabrication of their motor mount. For more information, contact Katie Carl, CCTE Teacher, at kcarl@sandi.net.