Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pelican Finds a New Home at Bird Rock Elementary

Pelican comes to Bird Rock
A pelican will be soaring over Bird Rock Elementary for years to come thanks to the efforts of the school's student council members.

The pelican was introduced as the school’s new official mascot earlier this week. The student council has been hosting fundraisers throughout the year to help bring the pelican to Bird Rock.

Students will participate in a contest to name the pelican and create a school chant. The results will be announced at an assembly on March 30.

“We wanted something that could come to life and have a character of its own,” said Principal Sally Viavada. “The pelican was fitting with its attributes and qualities, and it has always been the unofficial mascot of Bird Rock.”

For more information, contact Principal Sally Viavada at or (858) 488-0537.

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