Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Fun Café Brings Free Lunch to Year-Round Students

April brings multiple opportunities for San Diego Unified School District children on Spring Break to have free lunches and snacks and participate in family BBQs as Spring Fun Café begins a three-week run on Monday, April 11.

Lunch will be free to kids age 18 and younger at eight City of Sna Diego Recreation Centers, a community centers and at eight schools. Some of the locations will also have breakfast and snacks available.

The Spring Fun Café family barbecues are being held on the following dates:
  • April 13: Memorial Park, 2902 Marcy Ave. (next to Logan Elementary).
  • April 20: Cherokee Point Elementary, 3735 38th St. (92105).
Please check our website for further details.
This program is a collaboration between: the San Diego Unified School District Food Services Department and Office of Youth in Transition and the schools involved; City of San Diego Park and Recreation Department; Jackie Robinson YMCA, Feeding America San Diego. and several schools make these programs possible.

The program is funded by the Seamless Summer Lunch Program from the US Department of Agriculture.

Check out the Food Services website or contact Joanne Tucker at or (858) 627-7316.